Friday, December 29, 2006

The Gifts that Keep on Giving... Memories

Christmas Memories.... these are the best gifts of all.

The Sisterhood & some of the gifts that keep on giving :)

Soon there will be another baby girl born into the sisterhood and Baby Alana won't be the 'baby' anymore. . . it seems like only a short spell ago Baby-Belle-To-Be 's mother was a baby herself.
I remember one Christmas morning she quietly disappeared as everyone was tearing into packages. She took her little doll with her & wandered back to my bedroom. After about a minute, I wandered after her.
In the hall, I slowed my pace. I could hear her, she was singing. As I neared my room, I recognized the was 'Happy Birthday To You' in a toddlers lisp.
I stuck my head around the corner and there she was, perched upon my bed, indian style. She held her little doll out before her and sang to her hearts content. The doll seemed to be dancing around. Finally the song ended & I started to enter my room.
Then I heard her... 'Happy Birthday Baby blow your candles out.'

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Long Haired Southern Fellow with Locks Of Love

Locks of Love recently sent this hairy young man away, along with several others of us. It is not that his hair, or ours, is undesirable, they want it very much... they just want more.
Locks of Love wants a minimum of 10" of hair. This hairy & seemingly happy chap has only 7" to give.
I, Paiger, gave 10" to Locks of Love this time last year...before Kim was diagnosed with cancer & ironically enough, following her ritual of over 10 years of giving up the locks. Not long after I gave my 10 inches, this fellow decided he, too, would grow his locks for love. He's doing pretty good I'd say, wouldn't you?

Nonetheless, they just told him 'Come back in 2-3 more inches, so we don't have to shave you bald.' In the meantime, he's kind cute in apippy-long-stockings-kinda-way, huh?

So give us a couple more months & I'll be posting a pic of this fellow without the pony tails! And before you know it, we'll be posting pics of Kimbies with her own hair....

Let the radiation begin!

Her love, her spirit, her determination & faith radiate enough to lead any cancer cell into blindness.