Monday, April 02, 2007

Love grows.....

Kimbies hair is falling out again. Maybe this week-end Noah will take his "bro" shaver over and clean it up. He's been pimping 5 bucks here and there for years, doing "fades" in my hallway.....He's really good at it. Kimbie's thick and beautiful, and deja vued auburn hair is coming out in clumps. It's that time again.

Precious Kyle started growing her hair the minute she was told. The First Time. In June, when it was in tangled chlorined knots and her Mama measured it, it was still too short. At Christmas, with a bubble gum wad cocooned in her blonde trellis, it was still too short. She wouldn't give in. Wouldn't give up. No, she had to have 11 inches. She was donating to locks of love.

Beautiful child, God Bless you. The time has come. May our circle be unbroken.