Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Love Letter from the Heart of Badri

Who is Kim, the very first time, almost twenty years ago; when I met Kim I thought she must have been the Beauty Queen of her high school whom the Beauty in her is well preserved. Slender, tall, with beautiful smile and talking eyes. Her ability to throw her feelings into her artistic work is enough proof to her genuine self.
Later I realized that her inner beauty is equally noticeable. One does not need to have a long time to realize this. She is truly a friend no matter how long she has known you. Her manner and her down to earth character is enough to attract you deeply. It comes to mind that the way that Kim’s parents brought her up must have to do a lot with who Kim is. Among all three sisters there is not one unsweet bone to untie one from the rest. Even though our busy life style has always kept us mostly apart, I always deeply wished to be in her circle of friends for my admiration for Kim and her family is immense. Love you girls; you sisters are pure, sincere and exceptionally kind.

Friday, August 11, 2006

In the Garden of Love

In the Garden of Love, even the Gnomes want to Come Out to Play with You!
Dana & Al send you All The Love in the World.

The Keeper of Words

Sometimes when you least expect it,
where you least are apt to find it,
you remember....
to believe....
The Words Just keep coming.....

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Love Letter

The Threads that Bind Us

This is a letter written by Kimbies following a week-end read of The Five People You Meet in Heaven. She bopped it in the mail to Paigey and cc'd a copy of it to me, The keeper of the Words. I came across it today and asked her if it would be ok to post it here. For these are the thoughts, the threads, the faces, the hearts, that so bind us.

"Dear Paigey,
Here it is, early Saturday morning. I have just finished your favorite book, a very quick read. I slowly placed it on the table, my thoughts swirling...hum, was it great? did it move me? was I spell bound? As thee idol thoughts raced through my head, I questioned one thing...do you have to wait to meet these five people or are they present and we are just too busy to notice the importance of common every day interactions?
My mind races back to many years ago. We are just children. Running, jumping, picking up pecans, swinging on the front porch swing. Sandy running on the bare wooden floors, Uncle Rufus calling be Timberly, chicken and dumplings, my favorite okra, fried corn bread all on the table. All the family together...Aunts, Uncles, cousins, brothers ,sisters, Mom, and Dad and of course MawMaw.
I move quickly forward to a time about 8 years ago. I was working in the school cafeteria, I would be training Johnny today. He has retired from the head of maintenance, but doesn't want to sit at home so he will join us in the lunch room. We worked together for 2 weeks....chatting, laughing, singing. We talked about many things, some silly, some powerful, heart wrenching. He spoke of losing his son with tears welling in his eyes and mine as well, fresh heartache that will never leave. I see him about twice a year, we always greet each other with a hug and a warm hello.
It is the day of Nadine's funeral. There must be 150 people, maybe more. Her house if filled, people everywhere, all of her best friends, each in their own way. Many I know, many I do not. I bustle in and out, checking on food, clearing plates, getting drinks, greeting people. I have kicked off my heels and enter the living room, serve up a plate of food when across the room a conversation sparks, takes root and holds for a few minutes. i introduce myself, not knowing many of the people in the room at that time, but knowing we are there because of one common thread...the love we have for Nadine. Before exiting, Tom bounds from the chair to embrace with a hug. A little later, I meet a beautiful blonde in the kitchen, Candy.....she is married to Tom, she is a breast cancer survivor. We embrace, and in that hug, I myself knew something, although I did not know what it was, but I knew we were to be dear friends. In the months that followed, we spent Christmas together, Tom's birthday, and helped with Nadine's estate sale.
It is now February 2006, I find my lump and I know what it is, different from the others. In April I go for the mammogram, the radiologist comes in and she knows that I KNOW what I have. She is sweet and kind, she does not tell me I have cancer, she does not have to. I tell her with tears in my eyes about Nadine and meeting Candy and Tom. She hugs me tight and whispers "you will need their support".
In May, I meet with the surgeon. He is up beat, young, and aggressive. I have referred several people to him, but have never met him until today. Pam is with me. I know why my friend Joan loved him so much, her body crumbling, faulting, but her spirit, her strength, her courage, her laugh, her love of life overpowering all her ailments. She was a gift! And, of course, his favorite patient.
One week later, I was back at the surgeon's office with Pam. We sat waiting. I heard a familiar deep voice, somewhat like Ray Charles, and lifted my head to see Johnny and his wife. He is facing colon cancer, we will be chemo partners. We embrace, he talks about a family reunion he hopes to attend in July in Thomasville, georgia. Of course, I know where this is ....our Aunt Ernestine grew up in Pelham. With his deep Ray voice, he turns to his beautiful wife and smiles and says " I knew we were related". His father was born and raised in Pelham. We talk weekly now, keeping up with each other.
So here I sit, contemplating your favorite book. I look around at the cards, flowers, figts of lotions, potions, music, candles, dinners cooked, homemade cheese cakes, pajamas, tokens of strength, of love of support. And I question? Who am I? A daughter, mother wife, sister, aunt, niece, a cousin, a neighbor, a friend, a lunch room lady, and a breast cancer patient. All this out pouring of love and strength has been sent to me by so many people. Many of them I have never met, the LT at Debbies work in Dunnelon, her coworker, her best friend in New York. Co-workers that I see everyday or once in a while, neighbors who have moved out of state, Amber's co-workers, Olivia's best friend and her gramma Sandy, our cousins, of course Mom and dad and all my sisters and brothers, Aunts and uncles, dear friends that have left us, but guided a course for me. People that we meet by chance that are now like family. Wow, it is so deep, so I guess you could say, your favorite book got me thinking very deeply."

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Letter from Bonnie

Dear Sweet Kimbie! 
You are an amazing woman born to do amazing things, 
which you continue to do 
just by being the phenominal woman you are!  
I wish you so
much peace that it just runs over on every body else.
My prayers are with you!
I'll be checking in.


Shooting Star

Shooting Star, Bad Company
Johnny was a schoolboy when he heard his first Beatle song, 'Love me do,' I think it was. From there it didn't take him long.

Well, I am not Johnny & I wasn't even in school when I heard my first Beatle song. I can't remember which song was first, but the album was Meet the Beatles. It was my sisters & I wasn't allowed to touch it.

So, when my older sisters would take off to school, I would ever so carefully pull the albums out, trying only to touch the edges as I put it on the turntable. Sometimes I would double-stack them, which was pretty scary. Yes, it meant I would touch them less, but they would have to endure the drop of the second album. But, like Johnny, after hearing the Beatles, it didn't take me long. I, like my sisters before me, had developed a love for rocking out.

Twenty years later, Kim & I went to the bar 'around the corner' where my soon-to-be-rocker-boyfriend's-band was playing. They played a bunch of old rock -n- roll songs... including Bad Company's Shooting Star. We were rockin'!

Driving home from this hole-in-the-wall, Kim & I were talking about Shooting Stars
& about how they made us feel blessed, kissed by God or Mother Nature, anytime we got to catch a glimpse of one.

Now the drive, from dance floor to front door, was no more than 6 blocks so it wasn't an extensive conversation, but about 3 blocks into it something magical happened.
A colorful shooting star swooshed across the middle of the night skyline right in front of us. My foot left the gas pedal & both, Kim & I, were shooting out words of awe when SWOOSH here came another one. They formed a big x in our windsheild.

We felt like we were being called upon by the Lords above. It was after 2 am & we should have been beat ... late night, dancing, alcohol ... but we weren't. We were ignited, charged & driven. Those shooting stars were so sobering, yet so intoxicating... energizing us with a blanket of tranquility.

We pulled the tri-fold beach loungers out from the shed. We made coffee. We piled up, like little kids on their first camping trip, in the backyard. We watched the shooting stars carve a kaleidescope of colors into the skies. If we saw one, we saw thirty. We saw pink ones and blue ones, red and green ones, purple ones and of course, pure white ones. We talked about fate and free will and feelings of peace, music and harmony...harmony of people, places and events.
We went through bouts of silence, as well...just soaking up the sensations that Mother Nature's choreographers had designed that exceptional night. We wondered if anyone else in this great big world was sharing this arena with us? Was it just as magical for them? We were right where we beleived we were supposed to be...on the top of the sandy little hill, in tri-fold beach loungers, wrapped up in mexican throws, in Kim's backyard, feeling at one with the world.

Fate and free will, music and harmony brought us there & filled us with peace, blessed us and kissed our inner spirits.

So here's an affectionate toast to sisterhood, neighborhood bars, the Beatles & shooting stars.
God, Mother Nature and the Lords up above have blessed us in so many ways.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Kim's Hand-Me-Down Levi's

A poem written by Paigey in 1993 based upon a true story & modeled by mannequin, Wednesday Wishes, in 2006

Kim's hand-me-down Levi's
Worn by all of us
Handed down three times
white, worn and tattered
three generations old but thats never mattered
Kim's Hand-me-down Levi's
handed on down in the order we were born
they are a little bit older and a little more worn
always easily found, but not easily torn
Kim's hand-me-down Levis' worn by Kim, Curt & me
And sometimes I can see Kims' hand-me-down Levis
Kind of in me.

*2006, may the spirit of these Levi's live within all of us. Our Dear Sweet Kim has joined the battle of a lifetime, one against cancer. May she be as strong, as durable, as consistant & resistant, as the fibers of those famous hand-me-down Levi's. White, worn & tattered...none of that matters.

The Emperor's New Clothes....

Levi's are fine with
holes in their knees,
Faded ole fannies,
And no zipper keys.
When the Emperor got dressed
in the Emperor's new clothes,
he probably had Levi's
and was trying

Off the walls of my porch
Peace~love~and Button up flies!