Thursday, October 19, 2006

Five O'clock Shadow

It started with the first round of chemo. Those dark "liver splotches" that just popped up over night. Like old age smearing itself onto the surface of her baby bottomed skin. On the top of her hands. Splattered here and there. Tiny little kool-aid stains. Chemo stains. Over the last few weeks they have faded. Or maybe we just got used to them, and in their familiarity... they disappeared.

She's never worn her wig. Beautiful in her hippie bandana, she's never needed to. And it's HOT here in Florida! And she's hidden from the Sun, the warming, cleansing, healing Sun that she adores... except for Saturday. When she and Butch drove to the beach.... to the "place" where they fell in love, celebrated milestones and tragedies.... to the "place" where they became we... so many times. They slurpped up butter soaked scallops and guzzled ice cold beer, and Kimbies leaned just so..... into the Sun!

And then it began.
The reverse tan.
The tattle tale shadow under her bandana......

She scrubbed.
And scrubbed.

And finally....asked Butch to look. Her whole noggin was kool-aid stained. Bless his heart. He had to put his glasses on. And adjust her head just so. Examine his beautiful wife's stained crown, and somehow make her feel better.



We are feeling the healing. Thank you all!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Locks of Love

Kimbies, year after year, grew her thick, auburn-brown hair out. Then she'd go down to the local salon & whack! 10" or more, she'd give them a pony-tail for Locks of Love
Of course, she did this long before cancer came knocking on her physical hearts' door.
Last year, I did the same for the first time.
Now, I find myself popping strange vitamins trying to grow my hair even faster, so I can do it again. (The girl at the salon said that it takes about a year[ha!] to grow the minimum required 10 inches)
My husband is growing his hair out too. (How does his seem to grow so fast?!)
This week-end we went to a party of old friends...people I've known for 25 years.
We talked about being hippies, getting older and growing long hair.
One guy said that finally working for himself, he would love to grow his hair long & with a smile, he pulled his baseball cap off to reveal his shiny bald head.
That's okay. Locks of love needs volunteers, sponsors and donations, as well. they need us to hang signs and pay for ads, promote their good cause.
Spread the word, pop your vitamins, grow your hair, contribute your time, your energy, your hair and/or your money.
Check out the pics...A little bit of hair goes a long ways with these kids
BTW, Hair Cuttery charges you not one cent to get your hair cut, when donating to the Locks of Love. Aren't these children beautiful?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ok, so it is no secret that our Dear Kimbies doesn't really 'do' pink.
Nonetheless, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Because of that & because of & my staff will all be wearing Pink this Friday to work. Please Join Us.

Tidbits to Know about Breat Cancer...
~About 2000 MEN will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year
~Well over 200,000 women will be diagnosed with INVASIVE breast cancer, this year
~Over 2 million women have been treated for breast cancer
~Over 40,000 women will die from this disease, this year

~Early detction is key, breast cancer can grow rapidly...perform monthly self-exams, have annual mammograms if over 40, discuss with your doctor any family history of breast cancer, changes in your breast(pain, swelling, redness or discharge), exercise, eat good, laugh often & hard & share your love, spirit & thoughts!
Please access link to the right for further information on Breast Cancer.