Monday, August 06, 2007

A Tribute to Kim~No Pink Ribbons, Just hand-Me-Downs

This entire blog was born out of love, physical and spiritual, emotional & durable, tried & true. A love for a sister, a mother, a child, a confidant, an artist and entertainer, a lunch lady, a crazy midnight dancer, a jewelry maker & doll collector, a Gramma, a good old fashioned hippie spirit, a wife and every other fiber of Kimbies being.

It's born out of a love for yesterday and a love for tomorrow and a love for today. It's born out of Kim's Hand-Me-Down Levi's...So no Pink Ribbons Please. They are not in the fiber of who Kim is.

But please do post ALL OTHER tokens of love...words, wishes, pictures, photos, thoughts, ideas, dreams, fears, notions and magical potions...not just for Kim, but for the fibers she represents in all women.

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Peace &Love

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