Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kim in Bandana, the Staff in Pink...

So many times, so many lives, so many thing left unsaid...until it's too late.
But not THIS time, not THIS life, not THESE words.

'We All Love You.'

Kimbies, my sister & so much more to me and to many of you, is also a lunchroom lady...among 101 other things.

She doesn't 'do' pink and she doesn't 'do the pink ribbon thing.'

But, oh, that crew up at her school, they got her.

Just as they had gotten her week after week, they got her this week too.

They got her right where they want her... in their hearts, in their thoughts, in their prayers & in their lives.

...and they got that girl to wear pink!

A couple of weeks ago, they said 'Kim, wear green on Wednesday, we are all going to do it.'
Then, it was 'Kim, wear blue on Wednesday, we are all going to do it.'
Pink Wednesday, lazily rolled around & she thought nothing of it.

She didn't even have a pink shirt! But that's OK, they provided them.

Who are they? They are the ones that know sides of Kim that I do not know, that you may not know & that she may not even know herself. They are the ones that work with her. They are the ones that love her in ways that only they know.

All of our love in individual & divine....and they have a very special love for Kim.

A love that calls on 900+ students, all their teachers, the nurses, the helpers, the groundkeepers, the maintenance men, front office staffers & cooks to all come together & keep a secret. They are An Army of Love.

And they had a surpirise for Kimbies.

But I will let her, in her own time, tell you about that.

In the meantime, War has been declared, Kimbies is kicking butt & the Army is ever-growing.

Monday, September 18, 2006

High Times

September 18, 2006
Second round of Chemo is magic stuff! Kimbies is doing wonderful! Has had two doses of the dreadful stuff already and her reaction to this potion is.....Have a beer, a baked potatoe, a steak, some sea scallops, turn the music on and dance! We are Lovin' Life and Livin' your prayers!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Letters From the Seawall

Thoughts to you girls .
(Email from our "new best friends" and we knew it the moment we met!)

Please forgive me for not writing sooner or commenting on the site for Kim. I haven't been able to after reading it over and over and crying all the time.
I just don't have the right words for all of you; I am so saddened by Kim's taunting illness and could not find the courage to write.

After reading your stories time after time, I finally realized that you have inspired me to give in to my weakness and fear of not finding the right words or way to convey them to you and Kim.

The strength and courage you have is never ending. The love you and your family generates is felt by all surrounding you.

Kim is such a trouper and I know she'll get through this with great strength and prayers .
The family bond is remarkable; your Mom and Dad are to be pinned with the #ONE Award!! They have done a fine job. God Bless all of you.

I know you are so very busy and consumed with loving and giving of yourself to Kim and the families. Please take care of yourself.

I am so amazed at your writings but not shocked!!! I could read between the lines in our email!! Who ever knew we'd meet up with gals of your talents with writings and paintings!!! I am so excited for you in that way and saddened in another . I feel helpless for you.

Please give the kids our love and thoughts and Kim a great big hug.
She will get through the second phase..God is with her.

I love you and miss you. God be with you.
Corinne and Stan

Monday, September 04, 2006

Never-Ending List of Things To Love About Kim

Of course there are all the traditional things to love about her, but this list will focus on some of the not so traditional things....
1-She doesn't care if her socks match or not
2-Even when she thinks she's losing her patience, she's really patient
3-She's read all of the Willy Wonka & J.R. Tolkein Books
4-She's given CPR to a goldfish
5-She wears clogs & somehow can make one pair last twenty years
(she probably needs a pair right now, size 10, soft leather ;)
6-She knows how to go gigging...that is spearing for flounder
7-She learned to drive in a car that didn't have a floorboard
8-She's terified of the Golden Arm & the Chicken Man
9-She took Jewelry making in H.S, when the other kids were taking Home Economics
10-She once tried to make a fish tank out of an old commode
11-She can sing any song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show
12-She has been mistaken for Raquel Welch in the 70's & Julia Roberts in the 90's
13-She loves okra & sometimes grows it in her yard
14-She's raised three girls with only one bathroom
15-At the age of 30, she still wasn't sure what exactly 'circumcision' meant
16-Repeatedly, she has grown her thick, brown hair out, just to give it to Locks-of-Love
17-She prefers her coffee instant
18-She lied about her age to get her first job & didn't get caught for 2 yrs., when she turned 16
19-She scrunches her shoulders together when driving over it will make her vehicle more narrow.
20-She once oiled her bicycle chain with Oil of Olay

Friday, September 01, 2006

Round One!

Just want to keep you all posted! Round One is done, over with, see ya. Rough Stuff. (Actually, no words quite poisen enough to describe ) Next round starts Wednesday. Fourteen weeks. Thanks to all for praying, for sharing, and for being there. WE LOVE OUR KIMBIES!