Wednesday, July 11, 2007

She didn't know him.....

It was a Friday night at the "club"... the dusty little bar at the end of the street. And today was a "good day". She had a beer. Funneled down the food. Popped another one and said "Let's go!" They smiled as soon as she pushed the painted door open, gliding on long legs through the smokey tables, making her way to the waiting barstools. " The beautiful lady, with no hair and the smile", is back again. She was once a stranger here. A newcomer. But an old soul, and at once they knew her intimately.

She arrived first on New Year's Eve. In her evening gown, flowing, sweeping the floors, wearing her smile. They had not forgotten her since. The way she scooched them in, as if she were the hostess of the year 2007, welcoming them, nurturing them, inviting them to stay. The way she formed a circle.
When we left that night, long after midnight, chairs piled on tables, she was kissing stranger's good-bye. Phone numbers tucked in her bosomless cleavage. "My friends" she whispered.

It was months before she returned, on this Friday night. And was whisked into the waiting arms of friends. Ronny has cancer now, too. He is fighting her battle. And she has come to dance with him. This man she didn't even know.... Patrice, behind the bar, whipping chocolate martini's, has been there, done this, survived, and faces yet an unknown tomorrow......Miss Marty, rules the roost, and leans in.....her sister has been there, too.....

We laugh. We dance. We hug.

Kimbies knows.

You gotta feel the love, man. Feel the love.

To all that fight, to all that dance, to all that reach out......make the circle be unbroken.